We’re joining Compassion in World Farming to ‘End of the Line for Factory Farming’


We’re joining Compassion in World Farming to ‘End of the Line for Factory Farming’

12 November 2022

Our amazing member, Compassion in World Farming (CIWF), addressed the attendees of COP27 this morning to call for a Global Agreement on Food and Farming, as part of a new campaign they’re calling the ‘End of the Line for Factory Farming’.

Their goal? To ‘bring factory farming and high meat consumption to the end of the line once and for all’.

It’s an ambition we share. At Eurogroup for Animals, we’ve been lobbying to reduce meat consumption by 70% by 2030 in the EU/UK, as well as for food system transformation that shifts away from industrial agriculture to agroecology: a farming system in which nature is respected and high animal welfare standards are prioritised.

CIWF’s amazing initiative is therefore one that we’re delighted to support… and it’s off to a powerful start. Representatives from the NGO called on policymakers today at this year’s global climate conference to take action urgently, with evidence showing that intensive farming systems pose a huge threat to the planet.

A leading source of suffering for farm animals across the world - not to mention a key driver of greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation - industrial farming systems are at the heart of significant issues that world leaders can no longer afford to ignore.

Use your voice: call for the end of intensive farming systems

A report commissioned by CIWF last month, covering 13 UN regions and surveying over 14,000 participants, indicates that an overwhelming majority of the public has a negative view of factory farming. Among other things, they believe that industrial systems put profit ahead of:

  • Animal welfare (69%)
  • The climate and environment (63%).

Rife with cruelties and terrible consequences for our nature and climate, there’s no place for intensive farming systems in our future. Sign CIWF’s petition today and join their global movement to end factory farming, to support:

  • Higher standards of farmed animal welfare
  • A ‘shift to nature-positive farming systems’ that focus on building biodiversity, protecting soils and more
  • A reduction in the consumption of animal products, as well as more ‘secure access to nutritious food’
  • Fair livelihoods for farmers and protected rights for ‘indigenous peoples, women, and vulnerable communities’
  • Financial and regulatory support for the transition away from intensive farming to CIWF’s proposed new, nature and animal-friendly model.

Let’s change the farming industry for the better

We’re proud to support CIWF alongside other amazing NGOs, including our members Djurens Rätt and World Animal Protection.

“The science is clear that we need to reduce the number of animals farmed and eat more plant-based products if we are to have a chance to limit global warming to 1.5°C,” says our Political Adviser for Food Policy, Camilla Björkbom. “Ending factory farms is also important for the sake of animals themselves, as they suffer greatly within them. We need a farming system which focuses much more on plants, and respects the needs of all animals.”

We’re excited to help this movement grow. Will you be a part of it?