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Selected achievements, 1980-2023

  • 2023

    Over 1.7 million EU Citizens call for an end to fur farming through the European Citizens' Initiative Fur Free Europe

  • 2021

    European Commission commits to phase out cages for farmed animals across Europe

  • 2020

    European Court of Justice ruling on the legitimacy of mandatory introduction of pre-slaughter stunning by Member States

  • 2020

    EU Farm to Fork & Biodiversity strategy

  • 2019

    First horizontal Coucil Conclusions on animal welfare

  • 2018

    Animal welfare linked to sustainability in trade by the Commission for the first time

  • 2018

    Animal welfare as a stand-alone chapter in the trade agreement with Mexico

  • 2018

    European Court of Auditors' first ever report assessing the Commission's action in ensuring animal welfare

  • 2017

    Establishment of Union Reference Centers for animal welfare with the Official Control Regulation

  • 2016

    Animal Health Law, with key welfare provisions

  • 2016

    Adoption of the EU Action Plan against wildlife trafficking

  • 2013

    Ban on marketing and testing of cosmetics on animals

  • 2012

    EU strategy on animal welfare

  • 2010

    Alternative methods and 3Rs in the Directive on animals used for scientific purposes

  • 2010

    Council conclusions on cats and dogs

  • 2009

    Regulation on the protection of animals at the time of killing

  • 2009

    The legal obligation under the EU Treaty to consider animals as sentient beings when drafting legislation

  • 2005

    Regulation on the protection of animals during transport

  • 2001

    Ban on sow stalls

  • 1998

    Zoos Directive

  • 1997

    Ban on veal crates

  • 1991

    Adoption of the Pigs Directive, banning routine tail docking of pigs

  • 1991

    Leghold traps prohibited in the EU

  • 1986

    Directive on animal experimentation

  • 1983

    Ban on import of baby seal skins