Who We Are

We challenge decision-makers to bring about positive change, and deliver coordinated advocacy and campaigns at EU level.

Our vision

A Europe that cares for animals
A Europe where the well-being of all animals is assured, and where they experience a good life

Our mission

As the pan-European animal advocacy organisation, the primary focus of Eurogroup for Animals is to improve the well-being of as many animals as possible and defend animals’ interests. We do this by achieving better legislation, standards, enforcement and societal attitudes, through a united community of animal protection organisations and via lawful means.

The voice for animals in Europe

For 40 years, we have worked with our members to measurably improve the protection of animals.
42 years

of Eurogroup for Animals


Member organisations


 signatures collected by the End The Cage Age ECI network

Our Team

Our Board is made up of 13 representatives from full Member Organisations, and meets five times a year.
​​​​​​​Our Staff work at our offices in Brussels and are grouped by dossier (eg. Farm Animals; Wildlife) or in horizontal areas that work across all the dossiers, such as the political team or the communications department. 

Alejandro Gil

Events Officer

Daniel Pérez Vega

Trade and Animal Welfare Programme Officer

David van Gennep

CEO, AAP Animal Advocacy and Protection

Laura Demaude

Communications Officer Farm Animals

Valentyna Vozna

Ukraine Taskforce Coordinator

Sarah Bedson


Keri Tietge

Octopus Project Consultant

Douglas Waley

Senior Fish Welfare Programme Leader

Gerald Dick

Member of the Executive Board, Vier Pfoten

Ruby Le Galle

Digital Strategist

Sandra Moreau

Finance Manager

Chris Carey, Honorary Treasurer

Sami Säynevirta

Vice-President, Animalia

Nick Clark

Wildlife Programme Leader

Tim Robinson

Operations Manager

Jonathan Sander

Sustainable Food Systems Project Officer

Ann De Greef

Director, GAIA

Lorène Jacquet

Deputy Director of the Animal Protection Division, Fondation Brigitte Bardot

Iwona Mertin

Outreach Manager and Companion Animals Programme Leader

Ellen Greve

Membership Officer

Gemma Willemsen, Vice-President

Corporate Strategic Advisor, Dierenbescherming

David Bowles

Head of Public Affairs, RSPCA

Stephanie Ghislain

Senior Trade and Animal Welfare Programme Leader

Jürgen Plinz

Treasurer, Deutscher Tierschutzbund

Benny Andersson

Director, Djurens Rätt

Marie Cochet

Communications Officer

Sophie De Jonckheere

Development Strategist

Iza Arrieta

Programme Manager Cats and Dogs

Reineke Hameleers


Maya Cygańska

Farm Animals Programme Officer

Lena Rohn

Food and Environmental Policy Manager, Animal Protection Denmark

Agnese Marcon

Communications Manager

Shannon Huggard

Political & Legal Officer

Philip Lymbery, President

CEO, Compassion In World Farming

Andreas Erler

Senior Political Adviser

Laurence Walder

Animals in Science Programme Consultant

Luísa Bastos

Animals in Science Programme Leader

Léa Badoz

Programme Officer (Companion Animals and Wildlife)

Karl O'Reilly

Trade and Animal Welfare Programme Officer

Bethania Malmberg

Programme Officer Fur Animals

Florence Dossche

Political and Legal Adviser

Camilla Björkbom

Political Adviser for Food Policy

Dr Elena Nalon

Senior Veterinary Adviser

Joe Moran

Political Affairs Manager

Elise Fleury

Senior Campaigner

Jacopo Moccia

Political Adviser Insect Farming

Roberto Bennati

Vice President, LAV

Inês Grenho Ajuda

Farm Animals Programme Leader

Jory Buhay

Office Manager and PA to the CEO

The European Parliament and Us

As the leading animal welfare organisation in the EU, Eurogroup for Animals has been the secretariat for the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals since its inauguration.