The tablet computer pulled by donkey


The tablet computer pulled by donkey

27 May 2019
Back in 2016, mobile technology the like of which had not been seen before rolled into the remote community of Funhalouro, in Mozambique.

Pulled by donkey, the container consisted of four LCD screens, powered by solar panels.

It was a mobile roadshow, starting with music to draw a crowd and then switching to a three-minute film on the biggest of the screens.

While the topic - digital literacy - was not the most entertaining, it was engaging for the audience, many of whom had never seen a screen or moving images before.

After the film, the audience was invited to use smaller touchscreen tablets to answer a series of questions about what they had seen. 

There were prizes of T-shirts and caps for those with the highest scores. 

For those who couldn't read, the questions were posed in diagram form.