Spanish pig industry launches welfare labelling scheme


Spanish pig industry launches welfare labelling scheme

24 April 2019
The White Coat Pig Interprofessional (INTERPORC) has created the certification seal "CERTIFIED ANIMAL WELFARE".

Whose obtaining requires compliance with the "Technical Regulations for Animal Welfare and Biosafety INTERPORC ANIMAL WELFARE SPAIN", developed by the Spanish pig sector itself, which is "the most demanding of the European Union and will position Spain as a reference in animal welfare and biosafety requirements".

This was highlighted this morning in Madrid by the director of INTERPORC, Alberto Herranz, during the presentation of this Regulation and its seal to the media, in which he indicated that his objective “is to endorse the good practices carried out in the pig sector in animal welfare and biosafety ”.

Herranz has stressed the importance for the Spanish pig sector of this Regulation, “since as one of the great international leaders we have a duty to anticipate the demands of consumers and distributors to offer transparency and guarantee of commitment in animal welfare throughout of the whole life process of the animal ”.

He pointed out that the Regulation is “technically flawless” since it has been carried out in collaboration with companies in the sector, certifiers, administration, scientists and experts in animal welfare, and is also endorsed by an independent Scientific Committee and has been submitted to the large distribution and organizations for the protection and defense of animals.