Poles are against fox and raccoon dog fur farming


Poles are against fox and raccoon dog fur farming

29 November 2016
On 15th November Otwarte Klatki organized a demonstration against fox and raccoon dogs fur farming in Poland, on the square in front of the Polish Parliament. On that day, the Polish Parliament had its session discussing animal welfare law.

The action gathered about 150 people who were holding posters or wearing fox masks and we formed a considerable crowd of people.

During the demonstration, the representatives of three big political parties came out to speak: Paweł Suski (Platforma Obywatelska), Ewa Lieder (Nowoczesna) and Krzysztof Czabański (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość). Suski and Lieder are also the members of the parliamentary group that aims to change the law protecting animals in Poland for better.

Two other events took place at the same time, the exhibition and the submission of a petition against foxes and raccoon dogs fur farming that gathered over 120,000 signatures. The exhibition was endorsed by the MP Paweł Suski, displays the images of fur farmed animals suffering on Polish fur farms. 

Check out the photos from the protest 

The post 'Poles are against fox and raccoon dog fur farming' is modified from an article published by Otwarte Klatki in their original language.