Petition: Stop the trade of exotic animals!


Petition: Stop the trade of exotic animals!

25 May 2020
LAV initiated a petition aimed at the Italian Minister of the Environment, Land and Sea Protection Sergio Costa to prohibit the reproduction and trade of all exotic animals.

Today exotic animals are bred, reproduced, sold, and often subjected to a cruel business of illegal trafficking. On top of that, their trade is shown to be closely tied to a potential health risk for people as we now know that most of the epidemics of the 20th century, COVID-19 included, have arisen from zoonosis. 

Trafficking in exotic animals is a global business, second only to arms and drug trafficking. In the European Union, trafficking of protected flora and fauna species and their derivates is worth about 100 billion euros per year.

In the recent study published by FOUR PAWS, Italy was shown to be Europe's main tiger trade country, with the turnover of 2 billion euros per year.

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LAV is calling on Minister Costa to:

  1. Prohibit the reproduction, sale and intra-community trade and export of captive-born exotic animals and their derived parts (bones, skins, fangs).
  2. Transform the Washington Convention (CITES) - which regulates trade in endangered species - into an international agreement to control the ban on trade in all exotic animals.
  3. Create a mandatory registry of all exotic animals currently present in Italy and Europe.
  4. Immediately restrict trade in exotic species with a view to a total and definitive ban on all species at European level.
  5. Increase penalties and intensify illegal traffic suppression activities.

The post 'Petition: Stop the trade of exotic animals!' is modified from an article published by Lega Anti Vivisezione in their original language.