One of Italy's leading poultry producers joins European Chicken Commitment


One of Italy's leading poultry producers joins European Chicken Commitment

17 November 2021
One of Italy's leading poultry producers, Fileni Group, has publicly committed to introduce better welfare standards for all its free range, organic, and 20% of its conventionally produced chicken by 2026.

As Eurogroup for Animals' member Compassion in World Farming reports, by committing to the European Chicken Commitment (ECC), Fileni Group is the very first Italian company to publish a welfare policy for meat chickens aligned with the ECC. It is also the first major poultry producer in Italy to publicly declare its willingness to develop ECC-compliant supply chains in collaboration with its clients.

By making the commitment, Fileni has clearly stated targets to introduce slower-growing breeds, provide the chickens with more space and environmental enrichment, and adopt more humane slaughter methods.

More specifically - and thanks to its ongoing collaboration with Compassion - the producer has committed to achieving the following objectives:

  • By 2022, 100% of its organic and free-range supply chains for its own-brand and for all brands sold to retailers for private labels, or food service companies, will comply with ECC standards
  • By 2026, at least 37% of the animals in Fileni’s supply chains will be raised to ECC-compliant standards
  • By 2026 at the latest, for its standard production, the company will supply to all interested clients ECC-compliant products
  • They will collaborate with interested customers to develop supply chain solutions in order to achieve ECC standards on a growing number of farms.

We congratulate Fileni for this fundamental step forward for the chickens raised in our country and, as in France, we hope that Italy will soon introduce a similar method-of-production labelling system to guarantee simple and transparent information for consumers.

As is already happening in other countries, we will continue to collaborate with the entire food sector in Italy so other companies can follow Fileni's example in helping to make better chicken a reality.

Elisa Bianco, Senior Food Business Manager, Compassion in World Farming Italy