Landmark resolution recognising animal welfare adopted by UNEA


Landmark resolution recognising animal welfare adopted by UNEA

2 March 2022
The successful adoption of the pioneering resolution that ties animal welfare to people’s health and the environment is a first step towards animal welfare being addressed at a global level.

A resolution sponsored by six African countries and Pakistan was adopted today at the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA)'s 5th session. It unequivocally links the way humans impact the health and welfare of animals as a critical driver of biodiversity loss, the emergence of zoonotic disease, climate change and environmental pollution. 

The successful adoption of the resolution means that animal welfare is starting to be addressed at a global level.

We are proud of this watershed moment for the animal protection movement. It is a massive collective success for our members and partners and proves the impact of a worldwide coalition of animal NGOs. A holistic understanding of the links between animal suffering and environmental harm, and greater inter-agency collaboration with shared aims are critical stepping-stones for improving the well-being of animals across the globe.
James Yeates, Chief Executive Officer, World Federation for Animals

Animal welfare is not, currently, part of the UN Environment Programme’s mandate. This resolution calls on UNEP to prepare a report on the nexus between animal welfare, human wellbeing and a clean environment and include improving the wellbeing of animals into its work.

Eurogroup for Animals calls on European authorities to take this resolution into account in their development of the EU’s future Sustainable Food System policies.