How you can support animal protection organisations in Ukraine

How you can support animal protection organisations in Ukraine

1 May 2024
Four Paws
In the third year of Russia’s war in Ukraine, inflicting suffering on both humans and animals, many are still looking for ways to show practical support. We’ve updated our list of ways to provide aid to animal protection organisations working on the ground.


Some of our members are actively working, or collaborating with other organisations, on the ground. If you would like to support those protecting the animals caught up in Russia's war on Ukraine, you could consider making a donation to these organisations:

Our members:

International NGOs:

Ukrainian NGOs: 

Please note that we cannot verify the work of each actor on the ground in Ukraine, and it is the responsibility of the donor to review these sources before making a gift. We have made every effort possible to verify the quality of work of the organisations listed above. Splitting your donation among several NGOs may help to improve the effectiveness of your gift.



NGOs can get involved by coordinating collections of aid to be sent directly to Ukraine, in collaboration with local NGOs (see the Humanitarian aid law). Organisations can also raise awareness about what is happening to animals in Ukraine.


Want to learn more? Reach out to our Ukraine Task Force if you need help with making a donation, to learn more about organisations working in Ukraine or with translations.