Have you met Lëtzebuerger Déiereschutzliga?


Have you met Lëtzebuerger Déiereschutzliga?

19 April 2023
Every month, we interview one of our member organisations about their work, main battles and achievements for animals. This month, at the occasion of their 115th anniversary, we have the pleasure to interview Loïc Feltgen, Animal Keeper and Communications Officer at Lëtzebuerger Déiereschutzliga.

Tell us about your organisation?

The Lëtzebuerger Déiereschutzliga was founded in 1908 by Aloyse Kuborn Lassner. As the first association of its kind in Luxembourg it also quickly became the largest and most influential. In 1964 we had our first animal shelter built in Gasperich, which was replaced by a completely new building in 2012. The management of this shelter is one of our main tasks. Another major task of the Lëtzebuerger Déiereschutzliga is the inspectorate, which investigates violations of the Animal Protection Act in cooperation with the police and the public prosecutor's office. We also provide advice to political decision-makers on important animal welfare issues.

In which countries do you work?

Apart from our commitment to the Eurogroup for animals, we focus mainly on Luxembourg, although we regularly support foreign associations with donations in money or kind. In addition, since last year, we have been supporting the animals of refugees from the Ukraine with donations in kind and free visits to our in-house veterinarian.

Tell us more about you and your role?

My name is Loïc Feltgen, I am 29 years old and I have been working as an animal keeper for the Lëtzebuerger Déiereschutzliga for almost 9 years. For about a year now, I have also been a communications officer, taking care of press matters and social media. I actually found this profession by chance.

Loic Feltgen

Back in school, I didn't really know what to do with my future. During a walk with our family dog at the time, "Toulouse", I decided to drop out of school and become a dog trainer. Before I started my education, I did an internship at the animal shelter in Gasperich. A year later they reached out to me and offered me a permanent job. I couldn’t say no.

My decision to follow this career path stems from the desire to do something good and sustainable while being around animals. The job at the shelter offers me exactly that and it allows me to spend time doing what I love.

When and why did you join Eurogroup for Animals?

The Lëtzebuerger Déiereschutzliga was one of the founding members of Eurogroup for Animals back in 1980. It was important to us not to limit our knowledge and commitment only to our small country. As we have realised that working on a European level is very important in order to achieve continuously growing animal welfare in the long term, the decision to be a part of Eurogroup for Animals was the only logical consequence.

What are your organisations main achievements?

Last year we decided to build a new additional cat house as a mother and baby station. This will give us the opportunity to take in significantly more mothers with their kittens for the annual cat season in spring, to care for them and place them in loving families. Construction has finally started and we are looking forward to finishing this project by the end of 2023. 

This year, on the occasion of our 115th birthday, we introduced our new, modern logo, which we have been proudly wearing since 3 April.

LNPA New Logo

How can people support you?

There are a variety of ways the public can support us. To cover the high costs, the Lëtzebuerger Déiereschutzliga is of course always happy to receive donations in the form of financial support. Much of our financial security is provided by regular bequests to our association. As we are a recognized non-profit association, citizens of Luxembourg can deduct their donations to us from their taxes. 

If people want to support our shelter specifically, they can also bring donations in the form of food, blankets or dog leashes to us. 

In addition, the shelter offers walks with our dogs 6 afternoons a week, during which volunteers can donate some time and love to our animals.

Words to live by?

Wer Tiere quält, ist unbeseelt und Gottes guter Geist ihm fehlt, mag noch so vornehm drein er schaun, man sollte niemals ihm vertraun.“  - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

(He who tortures animals is soulless and lacks God's good spirit, no matter how noble he may look, he should never be trusted)