Have you met Ippothesis?


Have you met Ippothesis?

14 March 2023
Every month, we interview one of our member organisations about their work, main battles and achievements for animals. This month we are pleased to interview Roza Roussou Founder and Director at Ippothesis.

Tell us about your organisation?

Founded 9 years ago by myself and dedicated friends who want to change the life of equids in our country. Ippothesis was born out of the need to:

  • Implement legislation to protect equids by submitting proposals to the competent Ministry,
  • Implement a monitoring mechanism,
  • Submit written questions to the European and Greek Parliament,
  • Organise a strong educational sector to inform civilians.

Our goal is to stop the abuse of equidae in our country. 

Our work includes rescue, rehoming, advocacy and lobbying, campaigning and partnering with international organisations to improve the lives of equidae. We focus on working equidae in tourism and agriculture through legislation, as we believe that codes of practice only provide the minimum for their welfare. In Greece, working equidae literally die on the job and suffer for their entire lives. We are working hard to report their suffering and to recognise the importance of their welfare. 

Ippothesis horses

Ippothesis' successes include banning the slaughter of equidae, as well as banning the export for slaughter. In 2019, we achieved this with the help of the Hellenic Animal Welfare Federation. No equine slaughterhouse should exist anywhere on earth. We have won this battle at least for our country where animal traceability is an unknown word.

In which countries do you work?

Ippothesis is based in Athens, Greece, but we are active throughout the country. We run a small stable where we transfer the animals we have rescued while we find them new homes. We have built up a database of volunteers and we investigate on kill buyers, as we have precise knowledge of illegal breeding, neglect and abuse of equidae. 

Ippothesis volunteers

As a member of Eurogroup for Animals and World Federation for Animals, we have been involved in all European and global campaigns to promote animal welfare, which has enabled us to exert influence at European and global level.

Tell us more about you and your role?

I founded Ippothesis when I realised that no other animal welfare organisation was seriously involved in changing the bad reality of equidae in my country. As a former show jumping athlete and regular volunteer in all major events and therapeutic riding, I have always loved these animals and wanted to protect them.

I have recently completed a Master's degree in Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law to gain scientific expertise on protection, ethics and legislation issues.

When and why did you join Eurogroup for Animals?

Ippothesis applied for membership at Eurogroup for Animals shortly after its establishment and became a member in 2018. Cooperation and strategy development are areas that we believe can help us achieve our goals. Everyone at Eurogroup for Animals has helped us to form a strategic plan and we owe a debt of gratitude to the political department, especially Joe Moran and Andreas Erler, as they have helped us enormously in our first steps. As a volunteer organisation, we are always trying to evolve through our collaborations.

What are your organisations main achievements?

Following our written complaints to the relevant European Committee, our great success for 2022 is the implementation in our country of the EU Regulation on the registration and identification of equidae.  No EU regulation on registration of equidae has ever been implemented since 2008!

This was our goal from day one and we are very proud to have achieved it. Of course, we will not stop our efforts to put an end to illegal breeding and abuse. We all know that abusers or traders will not register their equidae, so we will be there to put pressure on the government authorities by providing them with all the necessary information to implement equine traceability. 

Our participation in public consultations on draft legislation affecting animal welfare is ongoing. Our latest contribution was commenting on the consultation on policing of municipalities, to ensure that obligations towards abuse and abandonment in each municipality are included.

How can people support you?

We can only rely on our supporters through:

  • Small donations,
  • Adoptions,
  • Volunteering,
  • Fundraising activities,
  • etc.

Our struggle to survive is endless as there is no interest from large donors or funds to financially support our association or our projects. We are a small association in a country that is not interested in the protection of equids. That is why every euro counts, every euro is a step forward for us! 

You can also support us by reading our articles and becoming an ambassador, be the voice of equids, make their needs known, explain to others that they can feel and suffer like all sentient beings, that they can't bear everything as people often think wrongly. 

Visit our webpage, follow our social media (facebook, twitter, Instagram)   and find out how you can help equidae in Greece.

Words to live by?

Don't be silent in their abuse, be their voice."

Two feet move your body; four feet move your soul.”