Have you met Equalia?

Have you met Equalia?

12 July 2021
The “Have you met” is a monthly interview to raise awareness for our Member Organisations, their work, main battles and achievements for animals.

Let’s start this first edition with an interview of Guillermo Moreno, Equalia’s co-founder and Executive Director.

Tell us a bit more about Equalia and its main battles.

Equalia is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the living conditions of farmed animals with the lowest standards of animal welfare. 

Our mission is to achieve agreements with companies, institutions and stakeholders that positively impact the greatest possible number of farmed animals. 

Our vision is a world where intensive animal farming and intensive aquaculture makes way to food production models that respect sustainability and animal welfare.

We have 4 lines of action:

  • Awareness rising, 
  • Effective animal advocacy (movement construction and capacity building),
  • Corporate outreach,
  • Political campaigning. 

Our main battles this year include: 

  • Mandatory CCTV in all Spanish Slaughterhouses, 
  • Cage-Free Initiative, 
  • Higher welfare standards for broilers within the European Chicken Commitment initiative,
  • Farmed fish welfare (new line opened recently).

In which countries is Equalia present?

Equalia is currently operating in Spain.

We also cooperate closely with international coalitions, such as Aquatic Animal Alliance and Open Wing Alliance, in order to generate a global positive impact for farmed animals. 


What about you Guillermo Moreno? Tell us a bit more about your role within Equalia.

I am the co-founder and current Executive Director of Equalia. I come from a social background, with almost 15 years of experience in the animal welfare movement. I am a psychologist and I put all my knowledge at the service of the organisation. 

My role is to be at the service of the employees and to surround myself with employees, volunteers and advisors who have more knowledge than me and complement me.

When did Equalia join Eurogroup for Animals and why?

Equalia joined Eurogroup for Animals at the beginning of 2021 with the aim of creating collaborative synergies to give a voice to European proposals in Spain. 

The political lobby of the Spanish agri-food system in Europe is very strong, therefore it was required to strengthen the presence of a Spanish group to create effective collaborative ecosystems between Europe and Spain. 


What are Equalia's main achievements this year?

One of our main achievement this year is the fact that after two and a half year of intensive campaigning, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs published earlier this year a draft Royal Decree that will oblige the ~700 Spanish slaughterhouses to install video surveillance cameras.

The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition-AESAN (an autonomous body of the Spanish Government, attached to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs), has announced that the Royal Decree will be approved by the end of this year. 

Spain will become the first EU country to approve the mandatory installation of CCTV in all slaughterhouses.

How can the public act for Equalia? (e.g. donation, sign campaigns, volunteering, ect.)

If, after learning about our work, anyone is interested in making a one-time donation or becoming a member of Equalia, it can be done here

If any philanthropist or philanthropic entity is interested in making a donation, please contact our Fundraising Manager at joseramon.mallen@equaliaong.org

Also, anybody can find skilled volunteering opportunities with us or other effective animal advocacy nonprofits in Animal Advocacy Careers’ Skilled Volunteering Board here  

What is your life motto?

It comes from a great friend:

In a world as fragmented and individualistic as this one, where we also have endless responsibilities and live under constant stress that prevents us from even feeling, weaving authentic and deep relationships is almost like a miracle of life."