Foxes and raccoon dogs rescued from fur farm find sanctuary with FOUR PAWS


Foxes and raccoon dogs rescued from fur farm find sanctuary with FOUR PAWS

2 December 2022
Four Paws
Millions of animals suffer in tiny cages on fur farms across Europe before they are cruelly killed. But three foxes and two raccoon dogs rescued from a Polish fur farm have been spared this fate, and found sanctuary with FOUR PAWS.

In November, FOUR PAWS found a permanent home for the animals at their TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary in Maßweiler, Germany. The two raccoon dogs, Asami and Emi, as well as foxes Skadi, Mala and Samara have found a species-appropriate home, and will live out the rest of their lives in peace.

This heartwarming story was also covered on German television, highlighting the European Citizens' Initiative Fur Free Europe.
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The five animals were bred for fur production and would likely have been killed in the next harvest season. While millions of animals still suffer for the fur industry, the five rescued animals are ambassadors for a historic chance for change in favour of animal welfare.

We are glad that we can spare these animals a cruel fate and give them a species-appropriate life here with us at TIERART. So far, these animals have only known tiny wire cages and fear of death. We will now house them temporarily in adaption enclosures so they can learn to move around in a natural environment. We will do our utmost to help them forget the horrors of their life so far.
Florian Eiserlo, Operations Manager of TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary and wildlife expert at FOUR PAWS

FOUR PAWS is calling for an EU-wide ban of fur farms by supporting the Fur Free Europe campaign across Europe, including at their country offices QUATRE PATTES in France, ЧЕТИРИ ЛАПИ in Bulgaria and VIER VOETERS in the Netherlands. 

Would you like to support our vision of a Europe without fur farms and farmed fur products? Add your name to the European Citizens’ Initiative now!