EU poultry industry sector says no to the Mercosur Agreement


EU poultry industry sector says no to the Mercosur Agreement

19 June 2019
While EU/Mercosur trade agreement has entered “endgame” negotiations and could lead to a political agreement in the last week of June, AVEC representing the European poultry meat sector, raises the alarm bell!

Poultry meat is one of the EU agricultural sectors that will be sacrificed in these negotiations, with significant additional quantities of valuable breast meat, that are foreseen to be granted to Mercosur countries!

Brazil, as the first poultry meat exporter in the world, will get the largest share of the pie, although it already exports close to 500 000 T of poultry meat to the EU every year!

This, despite the fact that several audits in 2013 and 2017 performed by the EU Commission itself have highlighted critical deficiencies in the respect of EU rules for Brazilian exports, not to mention the Carne Fraca scandal in Brazil, that led to the delisting of 20 Brazilian poultry meat establishments!

The poultry meat producers in EU must comply with higher standards on animal welfare, food safety and environmental protection. The EU Poultry Meat sector is proud of complying with these high “Farm to Fork” standards, because it ensures the EU consumers’ confidence in EU poultry.