"End the Cage Age" launched in Belgium


"End the Cage Age" launched in Belgium

29 October 2018
On October 23, GAIA officially launched the End the Cage Age campaign.

By sawing 50 metal cages in half in Brussels’ Albertine Square, GAIA activists conveyed a strong symbolic message calling for a complete ban of cages across the continent as part of the European Citizens’ Initiative.

The campaign was initiated by Compassion in World Farming, in partnership with Eurogroup for Animals in September this year. GAIA joined forces with other 130 European animal advocacy organisations aiming to collect 1 million signatures by October 2019 and put this tool of participatory democracy to a real use.

As a part of the campaign GAIA also published a comprehensive report providing scientific arguments for proposing legislation to completely ban the use of cages and change the life of 370 million animals raised in Europe behind the bars every year for better.

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