Dutch to crack down on breeding of dogs with too-short snouts


Dutch to crack down on breeding of dogs with too-short snouts

31 May 2019
The Dutch government has announced it is to actively enforce laws designed to prohibit the breeding of dogs with muzzles considered to be too short.

Since 2014, it has been forbidden to continue breeding some 20 short-snouted breeds in the Netherlands, as defined under a traffic light system of head measurement using red, orange and green classifications.


  • Red applies to dogs with a snout length shorter than a third of the skull, such as the pug, and English and French bulldogs. Breeding with these dogs is prohibited immediately.
  • Orange applies to dogs with a muzzle length of a third to half the skull. With this, breeding is only allowed if they meet other criteria that are set for breeding.
  • Green applies to dogs that have a snout at least half the size of the skull. You can breed with this.

However, the laws have never been enforced – until now.

End pug breeding

RTL Nieuws, a Dutch TV national and international news service produced by RTL Nederland, reported that one breed club is to immediately stop breeding pugs.

Milo Laureij, of Dier and Recht, an organisation that defends animal welfare laws, was reported as saying: “That law is now being made enforceable, so the animals can really benefit from it. That is very important. We have been trying to help the muzzled dogs since 2010, and now there is finally a result.”