Celebrating 90 years!


Celebrating 90 years!

4 December 2017
On 30th November, World Horse Welfare held its Annual Conference ‘Invisible Horses of the Future’ in the premises of the Royal Geographical Society in London.

On this occasion, World Horse Welfare welcomed a record number of attendees and Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal - the President of the organisation. All gathered together to discuss equine welfare and celebrate the 90th anniversary of the of the equine welfare charity. A varied range of influential speakers shared their views on challenges and opportunities for equines across the world.

The conference offered the opportunity to investigate interesting topics like the impact of the consumption trends of equine-derived products in the EU and beyond, and the importance of recording more data on the economic benefit of good animal practices. The participants were invited to reflect on the untapped potential of social media platforms, in particular Instagram, in mobilising citizens and supporting positive messages about animal welfare.

In concluding the event, attendees were invited to follow three presentations which highlighted some of the current programmes carried out both at the national level and worldwide, thanks to a recently established International Coalition with other equine welfare charities. World Horse Welfare announced that, in partnership with FEI, they will campaign to have 17th September 2018 officially recognised by the United Nations as the first World Horse Day.

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