Campaign success: “Friendship, Programme & Campaign”


Campaign success: “Friendship, Programme & Campaign”

10 October 2017
Animal Action Greece
Among the many problems brought on by the Greek debt crisis is a surging population of stray dogs and cats. This is why Animal Action Greece (GAWF) created a community neutering scheme which allows private individuals to have local stray cats sterilised at a very low cost.

Veterinarians collaborating with Animal Action Hellas have agreed to offer their services voluntarily which helps keep the cost of the programme to a minimum. It is a scheme that encourages individuals to take direct action related to the population control of stray cats but also to create awareness about this issue.

In addition to giving incentives to individuals to neuter stray cats in their area or neighbourhood and help control the population, we also aim to create awareness regarding the animal welfare benefits of neutering and relevant responsible ownership issues.

In terms of outreach and communications, the campaign uses regular Facebook posts (at least 1/month) to inform people about the scheme’s application procedure, and answer questions for example what are the health benefits and specific issues with respect to the procedure of neutering (e.g. when can one neuter their animal)? It is important to note that there are various misconceptions about neutering in Greece, with many people opposing it.

Impact of the Campaign

In 2016 220 cats were neutered in Athens and 280 in 2015. Up until September 2017 approximately 120 have been neutered  via the scheme.

A short video was made in 2012, that reached approximately 10,000 viewers on YouTube.

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