Campaign: I&R for cats should be mandatory in the Netherlands

Campaign: I&R for cats should be mandatory in the Netherlands

8 June 2020
Dierenbescherming started a campaign to introduce mandatory identification and registration for all cats in the Netherlands.

In the light of next year's parliamentary elections in the Netherlands, Dierenbescherming is, together with other Dutch animal advocacy organisations, asking MPs to include this issue in their party programs. 

Dierenbescherming has been fighting for the mandatory micro-chipping of cats together with municipalities, veterinarians and other animal organizations since more than 38,000 cats get lost every year and more than 10,000 get sheltered thanks to Dierenbescherming. 

Many of these cats appear with wounds from fleas, ear mites, fighting or traffic incidents while the reunification is in many cases impossible because the owners cannot be traced. 

Mandatory micro-chipping can help reduce the number of stray cats, reduce abandonment of cats, help with reunification and, above all, reduce unecesary animal suffering. 

SIGN THE PETITION and help Dierenbescherming achieve mandatory I&R for all cats. 

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