Become a digital warrior


Become a digital warrior

22 June 2020
Today GAIA has launched a new and improved (and free!) GAIA app - a digital tool that will allow its supporters to stay informed and take actions faster.

Sending protest emails, signing petitions and sharing GAIA's favorite campaigns through social media has never been easier.

With the new app GAIA is creating an online animal lover community that will empower anyone who's interested in taking action and helping GAIA fight for animals across Belgium and Europe. 

In addition, all GAIA supporters will, for example, be able to search for tips about responsible pet ownership. Whenever there is a new campaign, the notification will be sent and mobilize the support for animals. 

The GAIA app is available for iPhone and Android.

The post 'Become a digital warrior' is modified from an article published by GAIA in their original language.