Ban on slaughter without stunning stands in Greece


Ban on slaughter without stunning stands in Greece

21 March 2022
Hellenic Animal Welfare Federation
Following our report on unsettling developments on slaughter without stunning in Greece, the country’s ban will stand after a controversial bill was dropped.

In October 2021, in a ruling that made history, the Supreme Administrative Court of Greece annulled a ministerial decision which, in 2017, had introduced ritual killing of animals without prior stunning, a killing practice until then prohibited under Greek national law.

Instead of complying with the ruling, there was an attempt to remove the existing animal protection law that stood in the way. This unacceptable amendment was slipped into a large bill on corruption which was submitted in February. 

On 11 March, the bill pushed forward by the Greek Government which would have allowed ritual slaughter of animals without pre-stunning - a practice banned in Greece for more than 40 years - was dropped.

This type of slaughter, along with the use of ineffective stunning methods, are currently the major drivers of animal suffering in slaughterhouses in the European Union.