Now is the time to Act4Animals!


A new political term is starting, with a new Parliament and Commission. It’s now time for MEPs to act on their promises - and we’ll be making sure they do!

Hot on the heels of our huge success with VoteforAnimals2019, which saw more than 1000 candidate MEPs sign our animal welfare pledges, we’re now launching the next phase of our campaign: Act4Animals.

What are we asking?

With Act4Animals, we’re asking the 117+ signatories that were elected to confirm the commitment they made to support animal welfare during the election phase. We’re also inviting MEPs who didn’t sign our VoteforAnimals2019 pledge to now make a promise to support animals during their mandate.

Why should MEPs sign?

By signing the Act4Animals commitment, the MEPs will truly be standing up for the wishes of EU citizens, who have voiced their concern for animals numerous times. 


I’ve made a commitment to #Act4Animals

  1. Jadwiga Wisniewska (Poland), ECR
  2. Maria Noichl (Germany), S&D
  3. Tilly Metz (Luxembourg), Greens
  4. Sylwia Spurek (Poland), S&D
  5. Niels Fuglsang (Denmark), S&D
  6. Jane Brophy (UK), Renew Europe
  7. Pascal Durand (France), Renew Europe
  8. Martin Buschmann (Germany), GUE/NGL
  9. Petras Austrevicius (Lithuania), Renew Europe
  10. Francisco Guerreiro (Portugal), Greens
  11. Anja Hazekamp (Netherlands), GUE/NGL
  12. Caroline Roose (France), Greens
  13. Catherine Rowett (UK), Greens
  14. Virginie Joron (France), Id
  15. Jannick Jadot (France), Greens
  16. Richard Corbett (UK), S&D
  17. Ulrike Mueller (Germany), Renew Europe
  18. Isabella Adolfini (Italy), Non-attached
  19. Konstantinos Arvanitis (Greece), GUE/NGL
  20. Stelios Kouloglou (Greece), GUE/NGL
  21. Jytte Guteland (Sweden), S&D
  22. Slivia Modig (Finland), GUE/NGL
  23. Fredrick Federley (Sweden), Renew Europe
  24. Sirpa Pietikäinen (Finland), EPP
  25. Emil Radev (Bulgaria), EPP
  26. Fabio Massimo Castaldo (Italy), Non-attached
  27. Marina Kaljurand (Estonia), S&D
  28. Younous Omarjee (France), GUE/NGL
  29. Klaus Buchner (Germany), Greens/EFA
  30. Martin Hojsik (Slovakia), Renew Europe
  31. Annika Bruna (France), ID
  32. Eleonora Evi (Italy), Non-attached


These MEPs have committed to supporting animals during their mandate. Will you join them?