Campaigns and coordinated actions

No Animal Left Behind

Will you add your voice so we can be heard by the European Commission? 

Europe’s animal welfare laws were introduced piece by piece over the last 40 years, but they are rarely enforced correctly, and there are serious gaps that leave millions of animals unprotected. We must make sure a full-scale review takes place, that our demands for the best possible welfare standards are heard, and that no animal is left behind.

EU Stop Circus Suffering

Wild animals in circuses are destined to a life of physical abuse and mental torture. 

Circuses are travelling entertainment services moving around Europe, and performing wild animals are transported across Member States, where circuses pose severe public safety and animal health and welfare risks. Bans at the national level won’t prevent these movements with all the risks and distresses for the animals.  

Save Cruelty Free Costmetics

Across Europe, millions of animals are used in science each year. 

They include mice, fish, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs and monkeys.​​​​​​​ We need this suffering to end – for the animals and for better medicine, better product safety and better environmental protection. We want to see humane, human-relevant, animal-free science properly funded and fully utilised.

Stop Pandemics? Start Here.

Wild and domestic animals have carried viruses and bacteria for millennia. 

What has changed is the way we humans interact with them. The wildlife trade, urbanisation and the destruction of natural habitats for agricultural purposes, especially for the intensification of animal farming, are combining to push humans, wildlife and other animals closer than ever before, increasing the risk of new pandemics of animal origin.

Rescue centres need your help

COVID-19 is a threat to the survival of animals in European rescue centres and sanctuaries.

Together with our member organisations, we have joined forces with the European Alliance of Rescue centres and Sanctuaries (EARS), a network that supports rescue centres and sanctuaries across Europe.



Coexistence with large carnivores can cause conflicts with human’s socio-economic interests.

However, farmers and hunters don’t represent all EU citizens. We will call on the European Commission to commit to keeping the present level of protection for wolves and on promoting coexistence and non-lethal solutions to conflicts.


Fish experience pain and suffering that we cannot relate to.

Eurogroup for Animals has created a 5-part video series demonstrating the cruel practices that are standard on most fish farms across Europe. These videos prove that more needs to be done at EU-level to take fish welfare seriously.


In Europe hundreds of millions of animals spend their entire life in a cage.

End the Cage Age is a European Citizens' Initiative aiming to eliminate all of these cages and giving pigs, hens, meat rabbits, ducks and quail a better life. The time has come for this generation to stand up and End the Cage Age. 


Cats, dogs and equines play an integral role in human society.

 They have been making us happier and healthier for more than 10,000 years. However, they are invisible at EU level: the legislation doesn’t protect them as it remains a competence of the Member States. We need the EU legislator to give better protection.


Millions of piglets are castrated, have their tails cut off and their teeth clipped or ground away.

With the help of 1 Million citizens, we are asking agricultural ministers to support a EU-ban on surgical castration by 2024 and to enforce EU legislation to stop the routine tail docking and tooth clipping of all piglets.


Billions of live animals are transported long distances within the EU and to third countries.

At least 1 billion poultry and 37 million live cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and equines every year. Their journey can last days, often covering thousands of kilometres, exposing them to injuries, disease, exhaustion, dehydration, and even death. 


The illegal pet trade severely impacts upon the health and welfare of the animals involved.

Many are born in inhumane circumstances, socialised poorly and transported great distances, often at the risk of disease. Once purchased, often online, their unsuspecting owners are regularly left heartbroken when things go wrong.


There are over 200 million pets in Europe, including mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and amphibians.

However, many species are unsuited to a life in captivity. We call for an EU-wide Positive List (a list of allowed species). It is the most effective, concise, transparent, enforceable and economically feasible way to control the trade of exotic pets.


The Vote for Animals campaign put animal welfare at the heart of the European elections in May 2019.

This offered the opportunity for MEP candidates to (re) connect with citizens and win votes. This campaign succeeded in getting in total 1,000 candidates signing our pledge for the animals, 5 times more than in 2014.