LNDC Animal Protection: “Animal rights: new frontiers in protection” Conference in Milan

Photo credits: Julienne Erika Alviar 70 years after its foundation, LNDC – Animal Protection will hold the conference “Animal Rights: new frontiers in protection” at Palazzo Marino, Milan, on 27 March, with the support of the Municipality of Milan and the Lombardia Region. The event will include several important speakers from all over Europe, under the guidance […]

End Pig Pain Andrzej Skowron

One million citizens say EU must stop tolerating pig mutilations as cover-up for broken farming system

Photo credits: Andrzej Skowron The European pig industry routinely flouts welfare laws and public opinion in pursuit of higher profits while member states continuously turn a blind eye. Eurogroup for Animals and a million citizens urge the European Commission to break this vicious circle. — With the unprecedented 16-month pan-European campaign ‘EndPigPain’, Eurogroup for Animals and […]