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ESSERE ANIMALI: New investigation exposes horrific conditions on Greek fish farms

Photo: Essere Animali As part of their latest investigation uncovering the brutalities of the aquaculture sector, Eurogroup for Animals’ Italian member organisation Essere Animali have today released this shocking footage exposing high stocking densities, unhygienic conditions and ineffective slaughter methods on Greek fish farms. As Europe’s main seabass and seabream producer, Greece exports more than […]


Breaking new investigations showcase urgent need to replace brutal live exports with trade of carcasses and meat

Despite the Australian government’s pride over its Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock (ASEL) [1], a new investigation released by Animals Australia exposes the brutality behind live animal export from Australia. The footage reveals the inhumane conditions under which five Australian shipments exported over 300.000 sheep to the Middle East (between May and October […]