GAIA: Carrefour Belgium stops selling kangaroo meat

Photo ©Steven Pahel After a year of campaigning, GAIA has managed to convince Carrefour Belgium to stop selling kangaroo meat.  After GAIA’s ‘Save the Kangaroos’ campaign revealed the cruel conditions in which more than 1.6 million kangaroos are hunted every year, Belgian supermarket Delhaize removed kangaroo meat from their shelves – and now Carrefour is […]


LAV: First victory for kangaroos

Photo credit: Hopping Pictures Following LAV’s campaign exposing Italy’s leading role in kangaroo leather imports, sportswear brand Diadora has been the first to pledge kangaroo-free production from next year. This decision came only five months after LAV’s first contact with brand representatives, and has a potential to save millions of kangaroos from brutal killings. Simone […]

Eastern Grey Kangaroo Joey

Will the EU soon stop importing cruel kangaroo meat?

Eurogroup for Animals has sent on 24 May a letter to Trade Commissioner Malmström and Health and Food Safety Commissioner Andriukaitis regarding the imports of kangaroo meat from Australia into the EU. The letter highlights the cruel conditions in which those kangaroos are hunted and the health issues raised by the meat processing. The documentary […]