DJURENS RÄTT: Sweden’s new Animal Welfare Law

Photo credits: Djurens Rätt/Shutterstock On 1 April the new Animal Welfare Law came into force in Sweden. Thanks to efforts of Djurens Rätt and other Swedish animal protection organisations, from now on it will be illegal to abandon animals in Sweden without legal consequences. Also, circuses will no longer be allowed to use elephants and sea lions […]


EU will suggest animal welfare to Canada as one of the areas for Regulatory Cooperation

This week, at the occasion of the Expert group meeting on Trade Negotiations, the Commission gave an overview of the implementation status of the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA). This implementation implies the setting up of around 13 committees (between the Parties, thus the Canadian government and the European Commission) and 5 dialogues. CETA […]


Djurens Rätt: Important achievements, but further progress is needed on the new Swedish Animal Welfare Act

Photo: Norway’s Animal Protection and Network for Animal Freedom On 11 January, the Swedish Government decided on a proposal for an updated and modernised Animal Welfare Act which will then be forwarded to the Council on Legislation. Djurens Rätt welcomes the positive amendments that concern abandoned cats, elephants and sea lions at circuses and that […]