ANIMALIA: 74% of Finns oppose fur farming in its current form, and the majority does not accept killing animals for fur

Two surveys carried out on behalf of our Finnish member organisation Animalia proved that 74 percent of Finns already oppose fur farming in its current form. The surveys were conducted by Taloustutkimus, a respected Finnish market research company. The surveys also revealed that 60 percent of Finns think killing animals for their fur is wrong.  […]


ANIMALIA: Misinterpretation of the EU Invasive Alien Species regulation leads to more suffering for raccoon dogs in Finland

Earlier this month Animalia gave the Anti-Animal Award of the Year to Jari Leppä, Finnish Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, for his questionable interpretation of the EU Invasive Alien Species Regulation.  As a result of this interpretation, Finnish government introduced changes in the Hunting Act which now allows raccoon dogs to be hunted without restrictions. […]


ANIMALIA: Finnish fur industry in sharp decline

Photo © Dzivnieku briviba Last week Animalia announced the steady decline of Finland’s fur industry. The good news was sourced from the 2018 statistical report published by FiFur, the Finnish fur breeders association, which shows a systematic decrease in the numbers of fur farms and animals bred for fur.  This trend clearly reflects citizens’ condemnation […]