Episode #14 : Fish welfare - improving standards in the EU

The unseen and unfamiliar life of fish has given them low visibility in society, in policy circles, and in the animal welfare movement. Yet hundreds of billions of fish are farmed or caught each year for slaughter. We explore how we can define and improve fish welfare by studying their needs, and question if farmed fish or wild caught fish experience more welfare issues.

Our expert special guest this week is Janneke Aelen from the Aquaculture Stewardship Council, who fills us in on the future of fish welfare research and how we can achieve better protections for fish. Learn more on our website

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Episode #14 : How can the EU tackle the exotic pet trade?

What is the scale of the exotic pet trade in Europe, and how can it be tackled? This week we speak with Eric van Tilburgh, a veterinarian and the Head of the Policy team of the Animal Welfare Division of the Flemish government in Belgium. 

With Belgium as a case study, we explore how a Positive List for species kept as pets can act as an effective solution to regulate the trade in exotic animals, reducing animal suffering and better protecting public health.

Episode #13 : How can animal welfare be improved through trade agreements? 

After the EU and India confirmed they will restart trade negotiations, we discuss how the European Union’s trade agreements can impact animals around the world. 

With MEP Manuela Ripa, member of the INTA Committee on International Trade, we discuss how Free Trade Agreements can impact animal welfare standards, which trade agreements represent opportunities and threats to welfare and sustainable development, and why the EU-India negotiations are extremely important in influencing their fast growing agricultural industry. 

Episode #12 : Why 2021 could be the year we change the future for farmed animals in Europe, with MEP Jytte Guteland

This year, the EU Commission is considering a full review of animal welfare legislation. This presents a huge opportunity to make much needed changes. 

We discuss the current situation for farmed animals in Europe with MEP Jytte Guteland, who explains how lack of species-specific legislation is allowing millions of animals to fall through the cracks of legislation. To learn more about our demands for the legislation fitness check, view our campaign No Animal Left Behind and sign the petition.

Episode #11 : European Citizens' Initiative 'End the Cage Age' with MEP Eleonora Evi 

The European Citizens Initiative ‘End the Cage Age’, which has received over 1.4 million signatures, received a hearing last week in the European Parliament. The discussion was extremely promising, and we discuss how this ECI could and should move forward with MEP Eleonora Evi.

Episode #10 : Moving towards non-animal science

In this episode we are joined by Dr Laura Gribaldo, Scientific Officer at the Joint Research Center of the European Commission. Laura has over 30 years of experience and has been very active in driving the non-animal science agenda.

We discuss where we stand with regard to the uptake of non-animal research, the issues with the use of animal models, and how COVID-19 has affected this development. Learn more about our work on non-animal science here.