Episode #23 : The Live Animal Transport Regulation Revision, with MEP Tilly Metz

This week our Political Affairs Manager Joe Moran speaks with MEP Tilly Metz, President of the Parliamentary Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals and Chair of the Committee of Inquiry on the Protection of Animals during Transport. She filled us in on last month's vote in the European Parliament, how successful she feels the Committee was, why the European Commission needs to urgently revise the rules, and much more.

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Episode #22 : Highlights for animals in 2021, with MEP Anja Hazekamp

With a big year in Brussels coming to an end, we review the key moments of achievement for animals in 2021 with MEP Anja Hazekamp. From the European Commission’s promise to phase out cages for farmed animals to a vote in favour of a comprehensive plan to phase-out experiments on animals in the European Parliament, there's lots to discuss!

With her tenure as President of the Parliamentary Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals coming to a close, we also reflect on Anja’s highlights and successes over the past 2.5 years.

Episode #21 : The online animal trade and the EU Digital Services Act

With large numbers of animals being sold in online marketplaces in Europe, both animals and consumers are at risk. The Digital Services Act could help tackle this issue through improved regulation of digital markets. 

We speak with Georgia Diamantopoulou, EU Companion Animal Policy Coordinator at Four Paws, and Maryant Fernandez Perez, a lawyer and Senior Digital Policy Officer at the European Consumer Organisation BEUC, about how this legislation could better protect consumers and animals.

Episode #20 : Time to end the wildlife trade, with World Animal Protection CEO Steve McIvor

Millions of animals pass through the wildlife trade every year, threatening their welfare, human health, and contributing to dramatic biodiversity loss.

Steve McIvor, CEO of World Animal Protection, explains the organisation's new strategy to end the wildlife trade, and why international action is needed at the G20 Summit to make this a priority. 

Episode #19 : The role of working equines in the EU and beyond, and how we can protect their welfare

More than 200 million working animals support the livelihoods of over 600 million people. With Dr Joe Collins from The Donkey Sanctuary, we explore what kind of roles horses, donkeys and other working equines perform in the EU and beyond. 

From Greece to China, we explore how crucial working equines can be to developing communities and how we can work to protect their welfare and empower those persons who work with them.

Episode #18 : Why is Europe's cosmetics animal testing ban under threat?

Tests on animals for cosmetic products and their ingredients were banned in Europe in 2009, but the EU Chemicals Regulation is driving new tests on animals even for ingredients that have long been proved safe for use. A new European Citizens’ Initiative, Save Cruelty Free Cosmetics, is aiming to protect the ban and take this further by calling for a concrete plan to transition to non-animal science in Europe.

We speak to Julia Fentern, who has led Unilever’s non-animal science work for more than 20 years. Unilever, along with other major brands such as Dove, The Body Shop and numerous NGOs, are driving this ECI to achieve change for animals used in science.