Wolf population has grown by 10%+ in Eastern Finland


Wolf population has grown by 10%+ in Eastern Finland

5 June 2019
The number of wolves has changed since last year, when the Natural Resources Agency calculated that wolves had moved to a large extent in western Finland. Now the number of wolves is increasing in Eastern Finland.

The wolf population is estimated to have increased by about 10%. However, most wolves move in western Finland.

According to the March 2019 stock estimate (you are moving to another service), wolf herds are more evenly distributed than last year between Eastern and Western Finland. Herds were now counted one less than last year. 13 herds were encountered in the western stock management area compared to 16 a year earlier.

In western Finland, the areas of the densest wolf populations and herds distinguished, on the one hand, between Southwest Finland and South Satakunta, and, on the other, Northern Ostrobothnia. There were fewer herds in the territories of Northern Satakunta and Southern Ostrobothnia.