Wolf fences effective in Denmark


Wolf fences effective in Denmark

8 February 2019
Although the wolf fences work and there are fewer wolves in Denmark, there has been a slight increase in the number of attacks.

The wolf fences work. The number of wolf attacks in the areas that have been fenced has decreased since the beginning of 2017, the Environmental Protection Agency concludes in a new note.
- We have really good experiences with the fences. We have not experienced a single attack where the fences have been sitting as they should during the two years they have been in West Jutland, says Lasse Jensen, environmental planner at the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

At the end of 2016, two wolves established themselves south of Holstebro, and they had eight puppies in the spring of 2017. During the same period in the same area, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency established a subsidy scheme for wolf-proof fences.

This means that around 35 kilometers of fence have been set up in West Jutland today. Ten of the miles are in private areas, and there have been no wolf attacks here.
The remaining 25 kilometers of fences have been set up on the National Board of Nature's natural areas, where there have been several attacks on livestock.