Will fish benefit from lockdown?


Will fish benefit from lockdown?

27 April 2020
As you can imagine, the lockdown allows fauna and flora to take a break. This parenthesis is particularly observable in rivers since the quantity of fish caught has been greatly reduced in the recent weeks. In France, half of the fleets are at a standstill, and therefore ... there are more fish. But what will be the long-term impact?

An important question

We know that animals are better since the confinement of men and women. But scientists are wondering about the real impact of containment. Especially for everything related to fishing. Will there be catching up with deconfinement on the part of the fishing companies? Will they fish twice as much to make up for the shortfall?

The answer seems to be… NO. Indeed, the truce granted to fish and crustaceans because of the Covid-19 pandemic could have beneficial effects in the long term. According to the National Fisheries Committee, marine biodiversity will not suffer from a catch up. Fish that have not been caught will not be caught after deconfinement.

Hasty conclusions

However, caution is advised. We will have to wait until the end of the year to find out if the fishing industry does indeed benefit from this fishing stop. It is entirely possible that this is positive, but nothing is certain. Scientists have so far refused to draw conclusions too quickly, even if it seems difficult to envisage catching up with the fishery after almost two months of containment.

However, you should know that large trawlers continue to fish, especially in the Mediterranean. Also, the pause for the ecosystem is quite relative. The ones that are left in peace right now are lobsters and crabs because ... they are not sold during confinement. Regarding fish ... we do not yet know if confinement will be really beneficial ... To be continued!