Wildlife crime: the soft underbelly of organised crime


Wildlife crime: the soft underbelly of organised crime

19 October 2020
Wildlife crime is believed to intersect with other transnational organised crimes such as drugs, arms and human trafficking.

Panel members at the online event the Wildlife Justice Commission co-hosted with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) on 16 October reflected on this topic, and their new briefing paper illustrates how intelligence analysis can lead to a greater understanding of such crime convergence.

To coincide with this webinar, the Wildlife Justice Commission has published a briefing paper on the opportunities presented by this crime convergence. The paper presents a case study on crime convergence and concludes that for law enforcement to utilise such confluence to their advantage, intelligence analysis is vital and requires better resourcing. Furthermore, the value of intelligence diminishes when it is neither actioned nor shared, therefore the sharing and dissemination of intelligence products is paramount. 

This briefing paper aims at contributing to inform law enforcement with different mandates and investigative powers to strengthen their alignment of resources, leading to transnational, organised crime being tackled in a more coordinated and complementary manner.