What to do if you see an animal in need

What to do if you see an animal in need

2 October 2020
Have you seen an animal that's in neglect, distress or is being mistreated? Or have you found an injured animal? Here's what to do, plus contacts in Belgium.

At Eurogroup for Animals we get calls every week from members of the public in Belgium (and sometimes beyond) who either have seen an animal being mistreated or have found one that is injured.

As we do not have any on the ground operations and do not have any connection to a shelter or rescue centre, here is what we advise. We have included contacts for Belgium - the same principles will apply for other countries. 

In cases of mistreatment or neglect contact the police or the animal welfare service of your region/country: 

Brussels region

Walloon region 

Toll-free number 1718

Flemish region

Toll free number 1700

For an injured bird or wild animal contact:  

Brussels: Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux

Flanders: Vogel Opvang Centrum VOC Malderen

For companion animals contact: 


See also procedure for mistreatment or negligence provided by: