"We've had enough!" campaign for closure of wet markets


"We've had enough!" campaign for closure of wet markets

20 April 2020
In light of the health crisis caused by COVID-19 GAIA calls for the closure of wet markets around the world.

GAIA calls on the United Nations to create an Exit Strategy from wildlife trade, wet markets and industrial animal farming - for a world free from pandemics caused by animal-borne diseases like Covid-19.

Wet markets owe their name in part to the blood, guts, scales and water dripping to the floor of the marketplace. There, wild and other animals such as civets, raccoons, snakes, crocodiles, dogs and poultry are traded in unhygienic conditions, often left sick, dehydrated to die of starvation.

Wet markets have not only been violating animal welfare standards but have posed a threat to public health. Numerous researchers believe that Covid-19 originated precisely at such markets.

'We've had enough!' campaign poster
In addition, to tackle the global pandemics from its sources, GAIA is calling for a global ban of wildlife trade, transition from industrial livestock farming and the ban of long distance live animal transport. 

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The post '"We've had enough!" campaign for closure of wet markets' is modified from an article published by GAIA in their original language.