Webinar: Animal cruelty and animal rights


Webinar: Animal cruelty and animal rights

22 October 2020
Donald Broom, emeritus professor of animal welfare at Cambridge University, and Iwona Mertin, our Cats & Dogs Programme Leader will join the webinar as special guest and panelist.

Every day in Italy cruel acts are committed against animals. Dozens and dozens of victims forced to suffer in silence, in the shadows, abused and tortured with an often unimaginable cruelty. Animals hanged, drowned, beaten, shot dead, poisoned, dragged with cars, set on fire. These are the tortures that many defenseless creatures are forced to suffer every day.

At the end of 2019 our Italian member LNDC Animal Protection launched the petition #sonoqualcunononqualcosa calling on the Italian government to rule more severe penalties for those who kill and mistreat animals. The petition has already been supported by thousands of Italian citizens and it also aims to ask for the inclusion of training courses on the protection of animals in all schools, because "Educating our children to respect and empathy must be a priority”, say Piera Rosati, CEO of LNDC Animal Protection.

But the petition alone is not enough to mobilize legislators, judges and institutions. 70 years after its foundation, LNDC Animal Protection announces the webconference "Animal Rights: the new frontiers for their protection" which will be live streamed from 2.30pm to 7.00pm on 6 November 2020.

"November 6 will be the occasion to explore and address these urgent issues. The webinar was organized with the aim of involving above all those professionals who deal daily with issues related to animal rights from a criminal, administrative point of view, often without having all the necessary tools to find the right solutions. It will be an important moment to discuss, deepen the knowledge and ask for a change in the name of those who cannot do it alone”.

For registration, send an email to formazione@legadelcane.org

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