We need to move towards a plant based diet


We need to move towards a plant based diet

4 May 2020
Společnost pro zvířata
Dita L. Michaličková, the president of our Member organisation Spolecnost pro Zvirata from the Czech Republic, published an opinion piece urging for a transition to a plant-based diet in order to fight this and future health crisis.

Every day millions of animals killed for human consumption, not to mention all the animals used for fur, skins, entertainment or laboratory testing. According to Dita, our treatment of animals can be described with one word: violence. 

She fears that through its activities, humanity threatens its own existence, which is why she urges for a more peaceful coexistence with the living world or the concept of Ahimsa. Meaning "compassion", it is an ancient Indian principle of nonviolence which applies to all living beings.

70 - 80% of our planet's agricultural land is used for animal crops or animal grazing. If plants were to be grown for direct human consumption, no one would starve. 1 ha of land can feeds two meat eaters or 20 people on a plant-based diet

Read Dita's article here. 

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