We need to end the entire wildlife trade


We need to end the entire wildlife trade

4 May 2020
To end the suffering of millions of wild animals used as entertainment, food, medicine, and pets and to prevent future pandemics, World Animal Protection shifts its focus on fighting against the entire global wildlife trade.
Up until March a large part of World Animal Protection's wildlife work focused on ending animal cruelty in tourism, demanding Expedia Group to stop profiting from cruel dolphin tourist attractions such as SeaWorld. Since the industry has come to a halt due to COVID-19 global crisis, companies like Expedia Group are barely operational which is why all the efforts will be directed towards ending the entire global wildlife trade.  

Ending the global wildlife trade would mean an end to these abusive wildlife entertainment venues and many other forms of wildlife cruelty.

The global wildlife trade, enabling the usage of wild animals as entertainment, food, medicine, and as pets presents, according to World Animal Protection the reason why we are facing this pandemic. As governments and decision-makers are slowly starting to understand the threat this trade poses, it’s the perfect opportunity to make them end it.

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The post 'We need to end the entire wildlife trade' is modified from an article published by World Animal Protection in their original language.