“We are fed up!” demonstration in Berlin


“We are fed up!” demonstration in Berlin

25 January 2019
Four Paws
On January 19th of the International Green Week in Berlin, the worldwide biggest agricultural event  our member organisations Deutscher Tierschutzbund and VIER PFOTEN joined forces and took part in the annual demonstration against the agricultural industry.

They went to the streets to stand up for a sustainable Common Agriculture Policy and healthy food suitable for the next generations. More than 100 organisations joined the demonstration, as well as 35,000 protesters including 170 tractors driven by organic farmers from all over Germany. Protesters gathered to ask the German agriculture minister, Julia Klöckner, to guarantee fair financial distribution of the CAP-money in accordance with the principle “public money for public goods”, and therefore to reward those farmers who protect the environment and the wellbeing of their animals.

At the demonstration, Thomas Schröder, president of Deutscher Tierschutzbund, pointed out that we need stricter laws to protect farm animals and that a national animal welfare label, as it is planned right now by the German government, shall not be an excuse to not adjust the legal framework. In other words, an animal welfare label should be part of an overall concept to improve animal welfare.

VIER PFOTEN highlighted the urgent need to “End the Cage Age” for all animals in Europe’s agricultural sector with a truck showing digital images. Rüdiger Jürgensen, the German Country Director, said: “We are fighting hard to free animals from unacceptable keeping conditions that increasing numbers of Europeans find objectionable and repulsive.”     

The demonstration took place for the ninth time and the high number of participants shows once more that people care, sending a strong signal to decision-makers now that the CAP is being renegotiated.

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