Watch 'The Empathy' documentary for free


Watch 'The Empathy' documentary for free

14 April 2020
To help you cope with the Covid-19 crisis, our Spanish member organisation FAADA, in co-production with and La Diferencia, offers the documentary Empathy for free to all.

Filmed for all audiences, Empatia is the first Spanish documentary (both in language and production) addressing animal well-being issues and human-animal relationship.

To access the documentary, click on rent and enter Vimeo with your email (you can also access with your Facebook or Google account). In the payment method enter the code "YoMeQuedoEnCasa".

The synopsis:

Ed is commissioned to make a documentary intending to change those habits of society that are harmful to animals. But completely alien to the animal protection movement; he will realize that to carry out the project, he must first convince himself. The process of documenting the film and Ed’s interactions with Jenny, a collaborator of FAADA (the animal foundation that commissioned the film) will serve to contrast his doubts and look for answers on how to live in a manner that is more responsible towards animals. A series of new precepts that will affect the way he eats, dresses, consumes and even spends his free time. These new behaviors will make him clash with his immediate surroundings: family, friends and workmates.

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