The vegetarian 'meat' aiming to replace the real thing

The vegetarian 'meat' aiming to replace the real thing

10 May 2019
Meat-free foods that "bleed" like the real thing are becoming increasingly common. Could these vegetarian alternatives replace "traditional" burgers and sausages?

Concerns about the environmental and health impact of our diets has seen interest in vegetarian and vegan foods grow.

This has boosted everything from flexitarianism to vegan sausage rolls and campaigns like "Veganuary".

While Quorn and Linda McCartney once ruled the meat substitute aisles of our supermarkets, new companies are appearing with a radically different vision of "meat-free".

Vegetarian "meat" designed to mimic the look, smell and taste of the real thing are already available, while scientists are developing lab-grown meats

But with the arrival of these new dishes comes an increasingly animated debate about what can be called "meat", as well as how - and even if - it should be sold.