Urging concrete actions on pig breeding regulations


Urging concrete actions on pig breeding regulations

15 February 2019
For this reason, today we have written to the Minister so that indignation turns into concrete changes.

The Minister of Health Giulia Grillo last night at Tg2 Rai, seeing the video of our investigation in some pig farms, defined the images of dead and other mistreated animals as "creepy", in a context of serious violations of the Laws. 

We have proposed three lines of action to the Minister for concrete changes:
the urgent convening of a State-Regions Conference to examine the situation of pig farms and guide the public veterinary services in an extraordinary plan of checks that will reveal the pockets of illegality and the dangers for the good of animals and the health of citizens;
the issue of a bill of the Ministry of Health that introduces specific omissive cases and adequate sanctions for public health veterinarians and company veterinarians on animal welfare and public health.

The provision of transparency mechanisms on the controls carried out by the veterinary services of the ASL as an annual report, with a punctual and periodic communication to the public of the survey results in order to show the activities of protecting the well-being and public health of citizens, strengthening therefore the instrument of the National Animal Welfare Plan of your Ministry today no longer in step with the needs of citizens and consumers.