Tell the EU to stop promoting animal products - take part in the public consultation


Tell the EU to stop promoting animal products - take part in the public consultation

2 June 2021
The European Commission has launched a public consultation on the EU promotion policy for agricultural products. The review of the promotion policy is undertaken with a view to its contribution to “sustainable agricultural production and consumption, in line with a shift to a more plant-based diet”.

The policy has previously funded campaigns such as “Become a beefatarian” and “Pork lovers Europe”, aiming at increasing meat consumption. This use of EU tax payers’ money goes contrary to the EU’s commitment to sustainability and animal welfare. As the promotion policy will be reviewed, Eurogroup for Animals calls for it to end the promotion of animal products. Instead, the promotion policy should facilitate the crucial dietary shift by promoting plant-based foods.

Responding to the public consultation on the promotion of EU farm and food products

  • You can respond to the public consultation as an EU citizen, a non-EU citizen or on behalf of an organisation or institution.
  • You do not have to answer all the questions. Some questions are less relevant and you can leave those blank. The responses suggested by Eurogroup for Animals can be used as a guide when filling out the questionnaire. 
  • You can choose whether you wish your name to appear on the published contribution. Choose the option that is appropriate for you. Your email address will never be published.
  •  If you wish, you have the option to upload additional documents at the end of the questionnaire but it is not mandatory.

Eurogroup for Animals thank you in advance for contributing to a more sustainable future, for humans and animals, by taking part in the public consultation.

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