Support to European Parliament resolution on a coordinated Union-level plan to facilitate animal-free innovation


Support to European Parliament resolution on a coordinated Union-level plan to facilitate animal-free innovation

8 September 2021
+100 Major actors from the scientific community support the introduction of a motion for resolution by the European Parliament

The European Parliament will discuss during the next week a resolution on a coordinated Union-level plan to facilitate animal-free innovation.

The European Commission and the Member States have been promoting the 3Rs and non-animal models through a variety of funding and other initiatives that are allowing new advanced methods based on human biology to show their potential and also identify the needs for further developments. However, these initiatives are not yet integrated into regulatory and research funding frameworks in a manner that effectively reduces and replaces the use of animals in research, testing and education.

By requiring the coordinated Union-level plan - like those already implemented for many other policy areas - the European Parliament has the opportunity to ensure that the EU will be equipped with clear means and priorities to achieve the commitments and the ambitions of the Union.
This could mean, for example, that:
• Under Horizon Europe and other research and innovation initiatives, funding of human health-related scientific projects making use of advanced non-animal models could be increased and prioritized.
• The Commission could work together with Member States to accelerate uptake and routine acceptance of advanced non-animal models in regulatory frameworks.
• The private sector, including start-ups, could be more directly connected to end-users to help promote more targeted development of non-animal solutions that stand a better chance of acceptance and use.
• Member States work together to set up common priority areas where the reduction and replacement of animals can be achieved.

The undersigned support the introduction of a motion for resolution by the European Parliament that can facilitate the transition to non-animal science through the definition of common priorities, allocation of funding and multidisciplinary and inter-service collaborations:

ecopa International not-for-profit association

European Consensus Platform on Alternatives

Erwin L Roggen Managing Director 3Rs Management and Consulting ApS
Jan van der Valk Director 3Rs Centre Utrecht University
Pierre JOUVENTIN Directeur de recherche en écologie et éthologie CNRS
Elise Huchard Senior Researcher

CNRS / University of Montpellier

Romain Espinosa Economist, Research Fellow (France) CNRS
Tomasz Kostrzewski Director - Biology CN Bio Innovations
Gustavo Fernando Olaiz Barragán Deputy director on policy and bioethics National bioethics commission
Carine LINOSSIER Manager In Vitro Safety COTY
James Dawick Toxicology and Risk Assessment Manager Innospec
José Manuel Sánchez Morgado Director of Comparative Medicine Unit Trinity College Dublin
Judith VAN LUIJK Senior Researcher Beyond Animal Testing Index
Dr Julia Fentem R&D VP - Head of Product Safety & Environmental Science Unilever
Franciane Marquele-Oliveira CEO

Eleve Science Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento Ltada

Amy Beale Education Manager FRAME

European Commission Joint Research Centre

Martin Stephens Senior Research Associate

Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing

Kathrin Herrmann Faculty Associate Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing (CAAT)
Sharon Chow Research Technologist

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Maria Costanza ROVIDA Scientific Officer CAAT-Europe
Giorgia Pallocca Deputy director CAAT-Europe
Helena Kandarova, PhD, ERT Senior scientists CEM at SAS, ESTIV, SNP3Rs, SETOX
Outi Vainio Professor emerita University of Helsinki
Peter Loskill Full Professor University of Tübingen
Andrzej Elzanowski Full (ordinary) professor University of Warsaw
Gustavo Ortiz Millán Research professor

National Autonomous University of Mexico

Jessica Ullrich Professorin Kunstgeschichte Kunstakademie Münster
Stina Oredsson Professor

Department of Biology, Lund University, Lund, Sweden

Adrian Smith Professor Norecopa
Dr. Ana Dimke Professor UdK Berlin
Bernard Godelle Professor Montpellier University
Michael Loughlin Professor

School of Biomedical Sciences, UWL

Ana Cristina Ramírez Professor

Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo

Adam See Professor

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Merel Ritskes-Hoitinga Prof in Evidence-Based Laboratory (Animal) Science SYRCLE
Dr. Norbert Alzmann Bioethicist, Visiting Lecturer Tuebingen, Munich, Hohenheim University of Tuebingen
Joel Wilcox Professor of Philosophy (retired) Barry University
Joanna Hańderek Professor of Philosophy Jagiellonian University
Oscar Horta Associate Professor

University of Santiago de Compostela

Dr Brett A. Lidbury Associate Professor The Australian National University (and Radboud UMC, NL)
BRINDA JEGATHEESAN Associate Professor University of Washington
Marcin Urbaniak associate professor

The Pedagogical University of Cracow

Dania Movia Senior Research Fellow Trinity College Dublin
Dr. Nurul Izza Nordin Senior Researcher SIRIM Berhad
Silvia Mihaila Assistant professor in in vitro models of disease Utrecht University
Fiona Louis Assistant Professor Osaka University
Stefano Lorenzetti Ricercatore Istituto Superiore di Sanità
Christine Webb Lecturer Harvard University

Institute of Evolutionary Sciences of Montpellier

AMY BETHEL Peralta Phisician UNAM
Dr. med. Rosmarie Lautenbacher Anaesthetist Practise
Giulio Corsi Doctor SSN Toscana - Italy
Dr. Hirsch, Wolf-Dieter Facharzt für Chirurgie, Unfallchirurgie und Orthopädie

MVZ am Krankenhaus , D-04808 Wurzen

Gabriella Errico Pediatra Ospedaliero

Ospedale Vito Fazzi AUSL LEcce

Eva Katharina Dr. med. M.Sc. Kühner Medical doctor for occupational medicine Industrial Company
Birgit Wellmann-Pichler Medical Advisor, Oncology GlaxoSmithKline, Germany
Dr. Johannes Volker Schmidt Oberstudienrat

Heinrich-von-Gagern-Gymnasium Frankfurt am Main

Chiapei Chang Pharmacist National taiwan university
Charlie Peck Veterinarian/Lecturer

Swedish University of Agriculture

Svea Jörgensen DVM & Research Assistant in Animal Ethics

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Animal Environment and Health

Sandra Lundgren Veterinarian

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Stijn Bruers Research assistant KULeuven
Iris Bergmann Independent Scholar

Affiliation: The University of Sydney

Andrew Fenton Associate Professor of Philosophy Dalhousie University
Lisa Jones-Engel Affiliate Professor University of Washington
Helena Röcklinsberg Associate Professor in Ethics Dept of Animal Environment and Health
Elisa Aaltola Collegium Research Fellow University of Turku
Nils Hijlkema CCO TenWise BV
Robin Stringer Machine Learning Specialist Google Cloud
Adriana Cossío Bayúgar Jefe Unidad Departamental Participación Ciudadana en Protección y Bienestar Animal Agencia de Atención Animal
Kenneth Joel Shapiro President, Board of Directors Animals and Society Institute
Maria Ruiz Carreras Board Member

Centre for Animal Ethics at Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona)

Jeremy Gregory Executive Drector Tindakan
Dr. med. vet. Birgit Hegewald Tierärztin Tierärztin
Antony Fredriksson Researcher

Center of Ethics, Univ. of Pardubice

Valerio gennaro Researcher in epidemiology ISDE
Dr Noel Kavanagh Philosophy Lecturer Carlow College, St. Patrick's
Mara-Daria Cojocaru Lecturer in Practical Philosophy Munich School of Philosophy
Silvia Panizza Teaching and research fellow in Ethics University College Dublin
Anaëlle COLL Instructeur administratif Conseil départemental
Tim Reysoo Graduate student in animal etics University of Amsterdam
Madalena Cipriano Postdoctoral Fellow University of Tübingen
Pilar Samperio Ventayol Postdoc TU Berlin
Teea Kortetmäki Postdoctoral researcher University of Jyväskylä
Alice Baniel postdoctoral researcher Arizona State University
Dr. Joachim Wiest CEO cellasys GmbH


Pandora Pound Research Consultant Safer Medicines Trust
Bjoern Freter Independent Researcher Independent Researcher
Anabel von der Osten-Sacken Doktorandin Universität Hamburg
Macarena Montes Franceschini Predoctoral researcher Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Melanie Ort PhD student Charite Berlin
Tristan Katz PhD student University of Fribourg
Melanie Ort PhD student Charite Berlin
carlo alberto paggi PhD candidate University of Twente
Rebecca Jones PhD candidate in animal studies University of Strathclyde
Katarzyna Bertrand MSc

Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences

Eric O'Shee Sánchez Veterinary Student

Autonomous University of Barcelona

Vivian Sandler Graduate Student University of Porto
Eve-Angéline Marchipont Young graduate Edhec
Anna Cryer Student University of Roehampton
Michaela Dämmrich Animal welfare Commissioner of Lower Saxony Germany Ministry
Amelie Buhl Speaker Green Working Group

Green Party Munich, Animal Welfare Unit

Shireen Kassam Founder and director

Plant-Based Health Professionals UK

Manuela Cassotta Scientific consultant

Oltre la Sperimentazione Animale

Anton Krag CEO

Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance

Lindsay Marshall Science Advisor Humane Society International
Donna Macmillan Regulatory Science Advisor Humane Society International
Brinda Science Advisor

Humane Society International India

Marcia Triunfol Scientific editor Publicase International
Marina Pereira Regulatory Science Advisor Humane Society International
Bianca Marigliani Science advisor Humane Society International
Kristina Wagner Head of Department for alternatives to the use of animals in research testing and education

German Animal Welfare Federation - Animal Welfare Academy

Luísa Bastos Programme Leader, animals in science Eurogroup for Animals
Dr. Christiane Hohensee Subject specialist for Animal-free Research Methods

Federal Association of People for Animal Rights

Corina Gericke Vice-chairwoman and scientific officer

Doctors Against Animal Experiments

Dilyana Filipova Scientific officer

Doctors Against Animal Experiments

Dr. Gaby Neumann Scientific Officer

Doctors Against Animal Experiments

Tamara Zietek Scientific Coordinator

Doctors Against Animal Experiments

Sophie-Madlin Langner Scientific Associate

Doctors Against Animal Experiments Germany

Julia Baines Science Policy Manager PETA UK
Janneke Hogervorst Science advisor PETA UK
Frances Cheng Senior science advisor PETA
Dr. Andreas Stucki Advisor

PETA Science Consortium International e.V.

Janneke Hogervorst Science adviser PETA UK
Kimberley Jayne Science Policy Advisor PETA UK
Harald Ullmann Vice President PETA Deutschland e.V.
Dr. Katherine Roe Research Associate PETA
April Naab Research Associate PETA US
Andrew D. Nguyen Advisor

PETA Science Consortium International

Monita Sharma Nanotoxicologist

PETA Science Consortium International

Bridget Rogers Research Associate PETA
Alka Chandna, Ph.D. Vice President, Laboratory Investigations Cases PETA US
Paula Braun Scientific adviser

PETA Science International e.V.

Emily R Trunnell Research Associate and IACUC Liaison

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Katherine Groff Advisor

PETA Science Consortium International

Andrea Kuchy, Ph.D. Research Associate, Laboratory Investigations PETA
Christopher Faßbender Ecotoxicologist

PETA Science Consortium International e.V.

Magnolia Martinez Special Projects Manager

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Ingrid Taylor Research Associate

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Mandy Veillette Science policy advisor PETA
Gina Hilton Scientific Adviser

PETA Science Consortium International e.V.

Dr Katy Taylor Director of Science and Regulatory Affairs Cruelty Free Europe
Dr Emma Grange Senior Science Advisor - Regulatory Toxicology Cruelty Free Europe
Dr Samantha Saunders Senior Science Advisor Cruelty Free Europe
Miriam Zemanova Scientific Associate Animalfree Research
Dr. Poli Sotomayor Foundress of Brigada Animal México Brigada Animal México
Laura Eugenia Sainz Founder/General Manager Casa Animal Morelia
Dr Christina Nellist Chair and Editor

Pan Orthodox Concern for Animals

Maynard S. Clark Principal Clark Communications
Julia Preller IT-Administration NGO
Linsey Parker Quaker Quaker
Susanne Karr Journalistin, Independent Scholar Selbständig
Beatriz Eugenia Martínez Pineda Activista por El Derecho Animal

Escuela Nacional para Maestras de Jardines de Nuños

Eva Kristina Bee Ärztin Praxis
Dr. Ines Lenk Ärztin in eigener Praxis Praxis
Dr. Maleen Schaumburg Tierärztin
claudia pahl pr referentin feinkost lampe
Lida Barner Private Private
Hans Bassing Entrepreneur Hans Bassing
Salvatore Tirendi - Private
Maria Tortolini none none
Carla Aires - -
Lau. D. / /

Merel Ritskes-Hoitinga - "Important to set clear goals. Cooperation of regulatory authorities with industry and academia are of paramount importance."Outi Vainio  - "Animal trials will end when there are enough alternative methods available. Accordingly, supporting their development is important. At the same time the funding sources should favor non-animal study plans in funding decisions."
Dr Brett A. Lidbury - "We in Australia, follow European developments in this area of innovation closely, with great potential for success in the the EU to flow to Australia and New Zealand. Please note that I am also affiliated with an EU (Dutch) University."
Silvia Panizza - "There is increasing public acknowledgment that animals are not resources at the disposal of human interests. Experimenting on them denies them the most basic rights of living beings. It is imperative that the EU shows in practice the way to a more just multi-species social structure."
Kimberley Jayne - "The Commission must develop a strategy, with clear targets and timelines, to work towards ending all animal experiments to acheive the final goal of full replacement as outlined in Article 10 of Directive 2010/63/EU. The Directive alone is not a strategy. Accelerating the uptake and acceptance of advanced non-animal models into regulatory frameworks is a vital part to achieving the goals of the Directive."