Success: no more pedigrees for pugs and French bulldogs in the Netherlands


Success: no more pedigrees for pugs and French bulldogs in the Netherlands

2 June 2020
From May 18 2020, pedigrees will no longer be provided to purebred short-snouted dogs that do not comply with the law.

This mainly concerns purebred dogs with a short muzzle such as the pug and English and French bulldogs. Dogs without a pedigree are not allowed to participate in dog shows, which makes it very unattractive for breeders to continue breeding these dogs.

Pedigree certificates instead of family trees

All family trees are published in the Netherlands by the Raad van Beheer. This umbrella organization will replace the pedigrees for purebred dogs with a short snout with pedigree certificates. With the registration of these certificates, it will be easy for the government to determine which breeders do not comply with the law. Other breeds with a too-short snout that can no longer be bred purebred include the Affenpinscher, Boston Terrier, King Charles Spaniel, Pekingese and Shih Tzu.

Don't buy a short-nosed dog

It is good news that the pedigree breeding of short-nosed dogs is coming to an end. We hope that consumers realize that these are sick dogs who suffer from their appearance. We urge dog lovers not to buy pugs, English or French bulldogs. Other purebred dogs such as boxers and Bordeaux dogs regularly have too short a muzzle. Choose a healthy cross, you will enjoy it much more!

Do you want to make sure you buy a dog with a healthy muzzle size?

Measure the puppy with a ruler and check if the nostrils are open properly. Measure the length of the skull and divide that length by two. If the snout is less than half the size of the skull, the snout is too short. Leave such a dog with the breeder and choose a dog with a healthy muzzle!