Stop Pandemics? Start here. Ask your colleagues to sign the PETI petition!

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Stop Pandemics? Start here. Ask your colleagues to sign the PETI petition!

21 October 2020
Exotic Pets Complementary Action: Petition now available for support on PETI Website

As announced earlier, there is an additional tool that we are using to influence the European Parliament's position on the EU Biodiversity Strategy, and more precisely on the topic of Exotic Pet Trade: the submission of petitions at European Parliament’s Committee on Petitions (PETI Committee). Given the lengthy Parliament’s process for the approval, publication and processing of petitions , this tool is appropriate only to support our call for a better regulation of the exotic pet trade. We are aiming at obtaining the PETI Committee discussion of the petitions with the EC, followed by a PETI report on the exotic pet trade that could support our work at the Parliament on the EU Positive List.

Recap on Process: By submitting several petitions about the same topic, we can show the PETI Committee that our topic is of great concern; if each of these petitions are supported by thousands people, this should definitely help to get this topic added to the agenda of one of their debates and get the PETI Committee to commission additional research/reports about the topic. Please see below the link to Eurogroup’s petition.

Eurogroup for Animals, Dyrenes Beskyttelse (DK) and AAP Animal Advocacy and Protection (NL) have each submitted a petition on the topic. 

We have now been informed that the petition of Eurogroup for Animals is now available for support on the PETI Website here. 

Next steps:

- We need to secure at least 2,000 signatures to that petition. We will promote the petition on our social media channels as of Monday 26/10, with regular reminders for a period of two weeks (or more if needed). We kindly ask you, if relevant to your organisation (if you are working on exotic pets/ are having an interest on the issue), to also promote the petition of Eurogroup for Animals. We will base our message on the link between exotic pets.

Please note that prior to the signature of the petition, the signatory first needs to create an account. This takes 1 minute as the information to be provided is basic (Full name, Nationality, Address, Email)- In addition to the direct link to the petition, you can also find the petition by its number: ​​​​​​0697/2020

- Once the two other petitions from Dyrenes Beskyttelse (DK) and AAP Animal Advocacy and Protection (NL) have been officially published, these will also be promoted by the two organisations on their own channels - if relevant, please support their petition.

If you could kindly confirm your participation on this activity that would be great. Again, the target is not too high, but nevertheless, this needs to happen so any support here is very much welcomed.

Elise Fleury

Senior Campaigner