Stop Pandemics REMINDER to join us as of today!

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Stop Pandemics REMINDER to join us as of today!

9 April 2021
Upcoming key vote on EU Biodiversity for 2030 on 22/04 : this is a key opportunity for our Campaign, and for animal welfare and biodiversity in general. Join us to help Stop Pandemics.

While we have sent our voting recommendations on all the relevant amendments to all political groups, we have selected the main ones linked to the pandemic and developed a  "short voting list" on the key amendments where we need the support of the MEPs.

Key steps where we need you until 22/04: 

  1. Download the Short Voting list document, and feel free to add your logo and the name of your organisation in the intro text.
  2. As of Monday 12/04 please send the short voting list via email to your MEPs (MEPS from your country) in the list here and ask them to follow the voting instructions during the ENVI Committee vote on the EU Biodiversity for 2030 INI Report (Initiative Report) on Thursday 22/04
  3. As of Monday 12/04: help build pressure on your MEPs by posting on your social media channels announcing the upcoming very important vote (you can use the suggestion of messages further down in this document) and tag your MEPs. Please share the short voting list by email only, not through social media. 
  4. Thursday 22/04: last big push in the morning reminding the importance of today’s vote

Access to toolbox

In the toolbox, you will have access to:

  1. The "short voting list". You are more than welcome to add your logo and the name of your organisation on it.
  1. The Reference document including

- Suggestion of messages 

- Several social media cards that you are welcome to use/ add your logo on it/ adapt. These are yours, but please don't forget to use #StopPandemics.

       3. The full list of target MEPs (in ENVI Committee)

We count on your support to help ensure this vote will make a change for us all!

If you wish to have access to the full list of all amendments submitted to the political groups or any other question, please don't hesitate to contact Elise Fleury (