Stop the dolphin slaughter in Japan


Stop the dolphin slaughter in Japan

7 September 2018
C'est Assez
On 2 September more than 200 activists of the organisation C’Est Assez took part in a manifestation in Paris to raise awareness among passers-by and tourists about the massacre of thousands of cetaceans taking place every year in Japan, especially in Taiji Bay.

Considered as pests cetaceans are ruthlessly hunted and the most beautiful specimens are captured and resold to dolphinaria around the world.

Activist Ric O’Barry (former flipper dolphin trainer) was present on the occasion of this day of international mobilisation. In parallel with the event in Paris, C’est Assez has organised a similar action in Nice while three other events are planned on September 8 in Nantes, Lyon and Montreal.

The post 'Stop the dolphin slaughter in Japan' is modified from an article published by C'est Assez in their original language.