Spain’s environmental ministry authorises killing of over 30 wolves


Spain’s environmental ministry authorises killing of over 30 wolves

7 September 2020
Spain’s Environmental Ministry for the region of Cantabria has authorised the killing of over 30 wolves.

This resolution has been published today and approves a quota for the extraction and killing of wolves in the 2020-2021 season.

This season begins on August 1 of 2020 and will end on July 31 of 2021 and falls under the umbrella of the Wolf Management Plan in Cantabria.

More specifically, as reported by the Cantabrian Government, there will be an extraction of 20%, the same that was applied last season. This means that 34 of the 171 specimens that are currently estimated to exist in the region may be killed, be it through ordinary hunting activity during the boar shakes, or through actions carried out by the staff of the General Directorate for Biodiversity, Environment and Climate Change.

According to the technical reports of the regional Nature Conservation Service, it is currently estimated that there are 19 herds of wolves in Cantabria, six of which are shared with Asturias (2), León (1), Palencia (2) and Burgos (1).

Since August 1 last year, 31 wolves have died, a majority of them due to the specimen control on behalf of the officers of the Natural Environment in the application of the Management Plan for the species.